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Nova Funeral Services has been working with local churches in the Greater Chicago Area. With over 20 years of experience, including Eastern European practices, we provide affordable and simple funeral services to accommodate your budget.

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  • The body is cremated shortly after death, without embalming.
  • No viewing or visitation is involved.
  • Cremated remains are placed in small container.
  • Cost include funeral service basic fee, removal, transportation, care of the body and crematory fee.
  • Urn, cemetery plot or crypt is not included in the price.
  • Remains can be kept in home, buried, placed in niche or crypt in cemetery, or scattered in favorite spot.
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“Traditional” or full service funeral is referred to by funeral providers as the one which usually includes funeral service held in place of worship, funeral home, graveside.

  • Viewing/visitation, use of hearse to transport the human remains to the funeral site and cemetery, and burial, entombment, or cremation.
  • Cost include removal of the decedent, funeral service fee, embalming, dressing the body, use of the funeral home for viewing or service, transportation with a vehicle.
  • Purchase of casket or urn is necessary and could vary.
  • Cemetery plot or crypt and services are billed separately.
  • 1 day viewing
  • 1 hour visitation
  • Service at your local church
  • Procession to the cemetery
  • Hearse included in the service
  • We will need the following documents to proceed with the service:
    • Release form
    • Death certificate
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Non-traditional Funeral as its name suggest is the Funeral that meets the Family’s needs of customs and wish. We want to be for thoughtful and make sure all the inclinations in consideration.

  • No visitation
  • No viewing
  • At the choice of funeral home
  • A consolidated version of a traditional funeral
  • Call us today to customize the funeral to meet your needs.
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The purpose of Embalming is to keep the deceased presentable for a public exhibition during the grieving process. If you wish to include a viewing to your service, we must embalm the body. Neli Nova is a certified embalmer with a practice of over 20 years in the field of funeral affairs and embalming.

We will need the following documents to proceed with the service:

  • Release form
  • Death certificate
  • Embalming form
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Live Funeral Webcasting is available upon request. Through Skype, we shorten the distance as we understand how difficult is sometimes to travel between continents. Nova Funeral Services makes it possible for your convenience and peace.

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Repatriation is a very complicated process. Involves customs rules and regulations to be followed and strictly execute. Neli Nova, our Funeral Director, is a professional which makes the whole process invisible and complete.

Nova Funeral Services are popular among the Bulgarian community as the Bulgarian Funeral Agent in America. Located in Berwyn, IL Nova Funeral Services are at aid, and it had worked with most of the Eastern European Communities in the Midwest area. We are expanding, and as our motto is to serve, we will try our best to help you regardless the country of origin and the need of repatriations.

All procession is different depending on the destination country.

  1. Required documents: inquire for details
  2. Nova Funeral Services will handle the paperwork including different consulate and varying airlines.
    • We will need the following documents to proceed with the service:
      • Release form
      • Death certificate
funeral homes in des plaines mt


  • The body is buried shortly after death, usually in a simple container.
  • No viewing or visitation is involved
  • No embalming performed.
  • Direct burial cost less than “traditional” full service funeral.
  • Cost include funeral service fee, removal, transportation and care of the decedent, better or inexpensive casket.
  • Additional fee may be charged for graveside service. Cemetery plot or crypt charges are not included.
  • We will need the following documents to proceed with the service:
    • Release form
    • Death certificate


  • Forwarding remains starting at $920.00
  • Receiving remains starting at $700.00
  • Moving remains within local or state line, from one Funeral Home to another.
  • Handles receiving of casket
  • Prepares the body for delivery to the airport
  • Shipping within the states
  • We will need the following documents to proceed with the service:
    • Release form
    • Death certificate

Funeral Home & Cremation FAQ

What is direct cremation?

  • Direct cremation does not require the services of a Funeral Director since it is organized personally by a loved one of the deceased. Instead, several people want to host a separate memorial service or celebration of life to honor the life of the individual who has tragically died. Learn more.

Why is embalming important?

  • The attempted preserving and disinfection of a dead corpse is known as embalming. For those who prefer an open casket, embalming generally improves the look of the corpse. Near friends and family members will see the dead as they were when they were alive. Learn more.

How to repatriate a dead body?

  • When preparing for the repatriation of mortal remains, the deceased is normally transported by air, but the body may still fly by land or sea in some cases. If the family so desires, they will be able to travel on the same flight as the deceased. Learn more.
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