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What Our Families Are Saying

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Neli is the best! Losing a loved one is tough and then having to make arrangements for funeral services with burial is overwhelming and very costly. Calling around I was surprised that costs varied greatly and some options were a la carte. My sister Googled affordable funeral arrangements and came across Nova Funerals. I am so happy we called her. Neli has already made agreements with funeral homes to offer the best pricing. Neli provided a complete package of: picking up body, embalming (make-up for viewing), beautiful elegant casket, memorial cards, gloves for pallbears. We paid extra for casket spray which turned out to be a big beautiful arrangement. Neli's attention to detail and customer service is best in class! You are in great hands if you hire Neli. I would recommend Neli to all my family & friends god forbid we need to bury someone again. Thank you Neli!
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Gloria Johnson
Neli was very cooperative and helpful. She provided impeccable service, and I highly recommend her.
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Svetloslava Koleva
Very warm and carring, sensitive at this difficult time we were faced with. Never felt we were just another client to be dealth with, instead we fealt taken care of. Personable and attentive in every aspect. We thank you from our hearts for everything you did for us!!!
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koko papazian
In a time of great stress the service as well as Neli were fantastic and comforting. My family and I highly recommend her service.
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Viacheslav Malikov
Neli provided us with a well organized funeral performed by an experienced professional. It was a full-service funeral requiring great accuracy.We experienced respect and warm care throughout the process starting from the first call. All our needs at the church and the cemetery, even urgent, were addressed with fantastic speed at very affordable prices. We feel like very satisfied customers.
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Rafie Krikorian
Nova Funeral services was highly recommended by my church pastor. I asked him to provide me with a person who can support the whole funeral requirements independently. My whole household had COVID-19 and in the 15 day isolation. The overwhelming process was completed professionally and without issue. Neli is excellent and supportive. Few days after my father’s passing, a friend called and asked if I knew anyone in the funeral business and without hesitation recommended her services. I also asked Neli if she can support with all the requirements of installing a monument at my father’s site. She accepted and contacted the cemetery director and other vendors to obtain quotes and provide me with various options. Overall Neli is an amazing person.
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Boyan 67
Nova Funeral provides exceptional service. Professional and cordial with family loss.
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Petio Georgiev
Neli was very kind and caring to our needs, and very respectful to our wishes as to how we wanted our loved one to look. She was available at all times during the process for any questions, or requests we had. This relieved much of the anxiety knowing that things were being taken care of in a proper and professional manner. Thank you for everything Neli.
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darina velitchkova
Neli Nova services are excellent. She is professional, efficient and caring. Neli pays attention to the last detail , which is very helpful for the people who have lost their loved ones and not thinking straight. I and my sister Vania felt like a family member was taking care of my mom’s cremation. Thank you Neli . God bless you!
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Laura Stiles
I want to Thank Neli Soooo Much for what she has done for Our Family!!!!! Being in Pleasant Prairie Wi n my Dad being down there in Park Ridge All Alone........ You made things Alot Easier on All of Us
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