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Direct Cremation

Nova Funeral Services has been working with local churches in the Greater Chicago Area. With over 20 years of experience, including Eastern European practices, we provide affordable and simple funeral services to accommodate your budget.

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  • The body is cremated shortly after death, without embalming.
  • No viewing or visitation is involved.
  • Cremated remains are placed in small container.
  • Cost include funeral service basic fee, removal, transportation, care of the body and crematory fee.
  • Urn, cemetery plot or crypt is not included in the price.
  • Remains can be kept in home, buried, placed in niche or crypt in cemetery, or scattered in favorite spot.

Funeral Home & Cremation FAQ

How do you transfer ashes to an urn?

  • If you brought your own urn or bought one from the funeral home ahead of time, the remains will be placed in the urn by the funeral director or crematory operator. The remains are usually placed in the urn inside the plastic bag, although some urns are built to retain and seal the remains without the use of a liner. Learn more.

How do you pick a funeral home?

  • Decide on a budget for your family.
  • Find more for your funeral rights.
  • Weigh the options.
  • Decide on the form of structure.
  • Compile a list and compare values.
  • Narrow your options.
  • Visit a few funeral homes.
  • Request quotations.
  • Learn more.

Do you have clothes when cremated?

  • Many individuals are cremated in either a towel or the clothing they were wearing when they arrived at the crematory. Many cremation services, however, enable you and your family to thoroughly dress your loved one prior to cremation. Learn more about cremation.
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