Cremation + cost

Cremation is the process of dispensing  a deceased person’s body by combustion, burning at high temperatures, to break down the body into its basic components. The remaining ashes are placed in Urns. Funeral or Memorial Service can be done before the Cremation take place or after.

Our Cremation Services are affordable and we have a large selection of low-cost Urns and Caskets.

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Traditional funeral + cost

Traditional Funerals are usually religious ceremonies engaging a priest. Eastern Christian Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant are the most common practices. We respect all and according to your will, we are committed to work.

After washing and dressing the deceased is placed in a Casket and located in the Reception room for a Memorial Service. We have large selection of Caskets and unbeatable prices to fit your needs.

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Non-traditional Funeral as its name suggest is the Funeral that meet the Family’s needs of customs and wish. We want to be for thoughtful and make sure all the inclinations are considered.

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Live Funeral Webcasting


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